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Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Ronnie, and I admit it: I am the Marketing Coach. Since we're on my "About Ronnie" page, I'll jump right into the gory details of my background.  (You're not squeamish, are you?)

My checkered marketing past begins in 1988 when I officially became a marketing executive for a small record company. (Before that I was a newspaper writer and editor by day, and a musician by night, but that's another story.)

For years I marketed products of no redeeming social value that were shockingly over-priced and completely unnecessary to otherwise intelligent and well-educated people who literally begged me to take their hard-earned money so they could satisfy their jones for whatever useless item I was marketing. 

(And when I say "literally begged" I am not kidding; some of these folks tried bribes, whining, and threats, too!)

After doing my fair share to contribute to the decline of Western civilization by selling many millions of dollars worth of music, comic books, and games, I decided to focus my awesome marketing powers on doing good, rather than evil. 

Since 1996, I've worked with hundreds of small business owners (and three large businesses) to help them identify, acquire and retain their best clients.  I was able to do this because the one thing I learned in the many years I worked for other people is that marketing is about relationships, and once you can identify who your ideal client is, then all you have to do is initiate the relationship and the rest is easy!  I've proven this philosophy over and over again in my work with clients as diverse as restaurateurs, electronic services providers, and self-employed home-based service professionals such as coaches. 

Helping businesses attract more clients has always been fun and easy for me, so I guess you could say I'm a natural marketer, but I never truly heard my calling until I learned about the profession of coaching, and then I knew why I was here.  Now, instead of providing marketing services to the few businesses who can afford my hourly rate, I can coach lots of people to market their small businesses, which is fun for me as well as my clients.

More than being just fun, coaching is a better value, in my book.  Used to be, when I wrapped up a project for a client, I took all the marketing expertise with me when I walked out the door. 

But now, with the coaching model, I help my clients access their unique knowledge and perspective about their industries.  When our work is done, they have lasting skills and knowledge that will help them market their own businesses for years to come, without the necessity for a high-priced consultant.

My commitment to supporting the small business community has manifested itself in several exciting ways recently.  A few years ago (my, how time flies! It was early this decade...), I appeared in 31 episodes of "Dream Builders TV: A Focus on Entrepreneurship" as (you guessed it) Your Marketing Coach.  The show aired on the Portland, Oregon local Fox affiliate and regionally in the Pacific Northwest, and is now in syndication in Asia (seriously!).

Currently I serve my industry as a past (2006) president of my local coaches association, the NW Coaches Association, and my community as a law-abiding home-owner and nonsmoker (yes, I think smoking is a crime against both your body and society, but I'm not militant about it).  I also spent nearly three years as a trainer for the International Coach Academy, where I now led Sales & Marketing Coaching Community classes.

As for my education and other affiliations, the truth is that I'm always learning something new in the school of life.  Besides that ongoing educational experience, I hold a BA in Communications from PSU, and am a graduate of Coach U.  Affiliations include membership in the Women Entrepreneurs Organization (WEO), and the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerceamong other illustrious and worthy organizations.  

Right now my business focuses mostly on coaching groups of entrepreneurs through the process of developing and launching their marketing plans.  My clients say that they think the group format enhances their understanding of the materials and that the structure provides the perfect environment for learning and using their new tools. 

From my perspective, one of the best things about these groups is that they provide an amazing forum for my clients to share ideas, get support, and draw on the positive energy of others in the same place.  Bottom line, each person gets more from the group than they contribute, so that's a great advantage!  Take a peek at my testimonials page for more on what my clients say about working with me.

I also do some consulting, and coach some of the coolest marketing execs you could ever hope to meet. But enough about me.

By now you know just about everything about me except my shoe size (and if I told you that, you probably wouldn't believe me anyway). What else can I tell you?  Ah, the mission thing!

My mission in my professional life is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of personally and professionally fulfilling self-employment (as well as freedom from those rat-soup-eating-low-self-esteem-knuckle-dragging-credit-hogging-miserly creeps that so many of us have worked for) by helping their small businesses attract more of their ideal clients. 

My mission in my personal life is to overcome my servitude to that b*tch goddess chocolate. (Oh, who am I kidding? I'll never give up chocolate!)

So that's my story (well, maybe a slightly edited version of my story); what's yours?  If you're thinking that we might be a good fit and could work well together, give me a call and we'll talk.


Veronika (also known as "Ronnie") Noize

"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

Veronika Noize LLC
The Virtual Marketing Coach

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