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elevator speech session 

How do you answer the "what do you do" question?

Do you have an answer that provokes interest, creates a positive mental image, or starts a conversation?

Or do you choke?

If your response (your "elevator speech") doesn't evoke a positive reaction, you're in trouble. Why?  Because there are three questions your prospects want to ask, and how you answer them could mean the difference between a new client for you--or a new client for your competitors.

The questions are:

1. What do you do?

2. Oh yeah, how do you do that?

3. So how are you different or better than everybody else?

If you want MORE clients and MORE referrals MORE easily, you'll have a dang good answer for each of those questions.

But if you can't answer the FIRST question with a killer elevator speech, YOU MAY NEVER EVEN GET THE CHANCE to answer the other two!

If you can attract interest instantly with your own killer elevator speech, then you will have what amounts to an UNFAIR MARKETING ADVANTAGE over your competitors, because you will be in conversation with your prospects easily and naturally.

But if you don't have a dang good answer, YOU are at a disadvantage (as are your clients, because they don't get to work with you!).

So let me ask you this: Do you want the advantage in the marketplace, or do you want the advantage to be all on your competitors' side? Do you want your prospects to say "no" to working with you before you've even had a chance to get to know them and explain to them how you can help?

Here's how to solve that problem: Schedule your private elevator speech session with me.

You will walk away from this meeting knowing how to answer the "what do you do?" question as well as how to introduce yourself in a way that attracts clients and makes a POWERFUL, POSITIVE, and MEMORABLE impression.


As an EXTRA BONUS, you will get:
==>> My special report on the Top 10 WORST Elevator Speeches EVER

==>> An audio of my How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech teleclass

==>> Your own copy of my How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech ebook

WARNING: Your killer elevator speech can give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competitors!


Here's a sampling of the feedback from clients:

"You super-charged my personal marketing." ~ Chris Burns

"Wonderful, concrete methods ... I can use right away!" ~ Don Elliot

"Extremely motivating with lots of powerful information." ~ Jeremy Keen

So, what is an elevator speech?  That 7-9 word phrase that distills the essence of your value to a specific client base in such a way that provokes interest and questions, by answering the question "What do you do?" with grace and ease.  (Easier said than done, eh?)

So you want to work on your elevator speech, but don't want to get into a long-term coaching relationship? No problemo! Of course we can set up a one-time session to work on your elevator speech.

Here's how it works: You let me know that you'd like to set up an elevator speech session with me by filling out the form below. I'll email and/or call you back to set up a time that works for both of us. Then I'll send you a confirmation note along with some preparatory work so that you can get the most value for your investment in our time together.

Our session will last as long as 85 minutes. If we develop an elevator speech that you're satisfied with before our time is up, we can move on to creating your killer 30-second follow-up to your killer elevator speech (you'll love this, I promise!).

What you get: A 85-minute (just a hair under an hour-and-a-half) private session with my full attention; an audio recording of the session if you wish (this option is only available for meetings by phone); a copy of my Killer Elevator Speech ebook and bonus MP3 audio of a Killer Elevator Speech teleclass (very helpful; you'll want to listen to this before our meeting); and a follow-up email with a link to the audio of your session

Format: One 85-minute private elevator speech development session via phone or in person in my office at 1101 Broadway, Suite 110, Vancouver WA

Date/Time:  Your private session will be scheduled at our mutual convenience

Best for:  Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) professional service business owners who would like to be able to introduce their business quickly, clearly, and in such a way that it invites interest and speaks compellingly to the desires of their ideal clients

Investment: $495

Book Your Session Now

"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

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