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Free Marketing Tools for You

Tools that belong in every successful entrepreneur's toolbox:

1. Your marketing plan (what did you think I'd say?). You can use my free marketing plan template (just answer the questions) if you like, or if that's too scary, start slowly with my Top 10 Marketing Questions. Both are helpful!

2. Once you know what you do and whom you serve, you're gonna need a killer elevator speech. Use my free Killer Elevator Speech Tool (it's a PDF file, and you can get there here).

3. OK, so now you've got their attention, what are you gonna say, hotshot? You'll want to follow up that killer elevator speech with a killer 30-second follow-up (it too is a PDF file, and you can get it here).

4. Knowledge is sort of a tool, isn't it? And what you don't know in business can hurt you, so don't miss my list of the five key elements of a can't-fail marketing system (more than just a plan, it covers what you really need to make your business succeed!). Yes, you guessed it, this is another PDF for you to download!

First question: Does your marketing suck? Hey, don't have a cow, I'm just asking. It's my job as a marketing coach to ask these questions. Take my quiz here to find out if your marketing does suck (and then call me if you need a little help).

Are you considering quitting your day job and becoming a part of the glamorous world of self-employment? Wondering if you are ready to be an entrepreneur? Wondering what I think? Find out here.

Looking to create your own killer elevator speech and a killer 30-second follow up? Look here.

So you read my Build Your Business with Networking article, and you know that building your personal network (Team 100) is one of the most effective marketing activities you can do, but now you're finding it kinda hard to stay on track during those conversations, aren't you? What you need is more guidance, in the form of my all-new original Team 100 Notes document. You'll find it to be a very effective tool in guiding your meeting (and it makes you look good, too!).

Once you've held your meetings, you'll want to keep track of all the folks with your Team 100 Tracking Sheet. It's an easy-to-read-fill-in-the-blanks-anyone-can-do-this spreadsheet, courtesy of my pal Cindy Morus.

Start spreadin' the news... For those of you who are looking to send out some press releases to publicize your business, here's a great press release template that I found on PR Web. I've used that site myself, and highly recommend it. And here's a bonus: You can send your press release for FREE! Another press release resource (and yes, there is a FREE option here, too!) is ExtraPR.

If national publicity is overkill, say you just want to let your local newspapers and media outlets know about an event you've got going, here's a template of mine that you can use to announce it. This template is perfect for classes, meetings, workshops, and other events. (You can see that this is one that I've developed to get publicity for my local coaches association meetings.) Just email it to your local media, and watch your events get FREE mentions in the press!


Want to know what it really takes to create a marketing system that works, or better yet, that can't fail?

It's not rocket science, and it's certainly not a secret, yet still many small businesses fail simply because they don't know how to create a marketing system that they can use with integrity and ease.

Download this PDF that outlines the five elements that you need to create a marketing system that will let you market your business your way, and do it successfully. The bottom line is: This is what you have to do to make your business work!

Is all of this talk about marketing this and marketing that making your head spin? Wondering what it all means?

Check out my Marketing Terms page for some short and sweet definitions of some of the most common terms.

See a complete list of all Free Tools below, or see all Articles or all Top 10 Lists



"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

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