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One session only!

Teleclass: Full Practice Marketing Secrets for Coaches

Date:  Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 4 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. Eastern

Tuition: FREE 

Are you sick and tired of working hard but still not earning a living as a coach? Does it bug you that there are other coaches earning top dollar while you're struggling just to get by? If you've finally had enough of the frustration and disappointments, and are truly ready to embrace a proven way to attract a steady stream of coaching clients, this class is for you.

At a time when coaches are reluctantly putting aside their dreams of creating a profitable coaching practice to look for a "real job" that offers what they believe is some measure of financial stability, the need for clarity around what really works to make a living as a coach has never been more urgent.

Working for someone else is not the road to financial security, especially for coaches! As a marketing coach, I have helped thousands of small business owners, many of them coaches, finally get a handle on what they have to do to attract clients, and I've seen what gets in the way doing that.

I've been waiting for years for someone else, some other expert, to share this information with the coaching community, but nobody has come forward, so it's up to me to do it, and I will.

It is time someone (I guess that's going to be me) came forward with the truth about building a coaching practice. I've spent years developing marketing plans and programs for coaches that really work, and in this class, you will hear a summary of all that knowledge and experience I've accumulated.

Here is a short list of what you will learn:

  • The most common reasons most coaches fail to attract enough clients.
  • The five essential elements of a six-figure coaching practice.
  • The three questions that will reveal whether or not you have the potential to build a business as a coach.

Warning: This class is NOT for whiners, blamers, or anyone who makes excuses about why their lack of success isn't their responsibility. It takes more than a "good attitude" and great coaching skills to build a coaching practice -- it takes personal commitment, and a few other things that I will explain in this class.

If you're truly tired of being afraid of what your bank account will look like tomorrow (or next month), fed up with the frustration of trying to find clients in this economy, and you really want to know what to do that will give you the traction for moving forward, attend this call.

If you're happy with where you are financially, and content with the state of your business, congratulations! Just know that this call is NOT for you.

If you are content to rely on hope, go for it. Cross your fingers, say your prayers, and keep thinking that's all you have to do. Just know that this call is NOT for you, either.

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"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

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