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#1 on Google: How I Got There Without Spending A Dime on Search Engine Optimization
Google's #1 Marketing Coach Veronika ("Ronnie") Noize reveals her secret strategies that put her at #1 on Google and have kept her there for a whooping FIVE YEARS!

Teleseminar audio (MP3) + downloadable blueprint

Are you ready to put your business at the top of Google?
Veronika Noize, Google's #1 Marketing Coach
As Google's #1 marketing coach for the past five YEARS, let me tell you that the top position is an instant credibility boost, plus it makes it easy for people all over the world to find me quickly and easily.

With just a little effort, I got my website to #1 on Google and kept it there. Now, I'm no internet genius, and I can't code a line of html, but I know how to get noticed online, by researching what works (and what doesn't), discovering easy strategies and powerful marketing tools that boosted my search ranking to #1 on Google, increased my traffic like crazy, and bring me new clients on a regular basis.

And it's not just me: My clients have also used my strategies to get to the top 5 of Google in just one week!

For example, within three days of putting up her website and using my most basic strategies, one of my clients got to #3 on Google! Let me prove it:

Search for "personal chef vancouver wa" and you'll find personal chef Anna Petruolo's website,, right at #3. How cool is that?

In this info-packed 90-minute teleseminar, I explain EXACTLY how I did it, how Anna did it, how other clients of mine did it, and how you can use my strategies to do the same for your website.

In addition to the MP3 audio of this teleseminar, this product also includes my downloadable #1 on Google blueprint, with worksheets on how to replicate my success, including the all tools, links, and details.

Of course, you could hire someone else to do this for you (and it ain't gonna be cheap), sure, but why would you, when it is so simple? And I make it even easier by providing both audio and written instructions with this teleclass.

OK, Ronnie, that sounds great, but did this class really deliver, you ask?

Here's what some folks had to say about this class (seriously, these are unsolicited comments from happy paid listeners!):

"My website is getting 40 times the traffic!"

"I was happily astounded by the results of the SEO class. Ronnie, your SEO class really delivered! After implementing just one of your suggestions, my website is getting 40 times the traffic I got last week!! Thank you." ~ Conde Bartlett,

"What a fabulous teleseminar!"

"You rock! What a fabulous teleseminar, and you have such a lovely voice and mannerism. THANK YOU!  I'd love to tell others about this teleseminar in my e-newsletter. Please let me know when you have the next one scheduled and I'll announce it to my list, they could use it! Thank you again for a valuable class today." ~ Jennifer Omner,

"Great insight and tools"

"Ronnie, you so rock my world and I know the rest of our great earth with you hot tips and groovy messages.  Your know-how and experience lend to being a valued professional as the number one marketing guru.  Thank you for a great session todayI have already gained great insight and tools to help speed the marketing of my business in the internet world, thank you for your guidance. I can't wait to show you my website."  ~ Donna Mac,
#1 on Google MP3 & Blueprint 
Why wait? You can have it RIGHT NOW! Just click on the link below and my secrets for getting to #1 on Google in my business category will be YOURS almost instantly!
#1 on Google: How I Got There Without Spending A Dime on SEO

"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

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