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Saturday, April 30 2022

Members Only Weekly Review · April 30, 2022 · #591

How to Electrify Your Audience

Hey DIYer,

When speaking in real space and time, especially now after the pandemic curtailed in-person meetings for so long, you may find your audience is distracted before you begin. Because your success depends on getting and holding their attention, it's possible that you'll need something more than just a great introduction (which we are covering in this month's webinar).

Way back in the golden olden days pre-pandemic, my friend (a substitute teacher) Katrina Ayres taught me how to get a group's attention by clapping. I used that exercise effectively, then added a couple of twists of my own to magnetize attention and create excitement. Because I love speaking to a pumped up, enthusiastic, electrified audience!

Here's my script for an attention-getting call-response series with gestures [in brackets]:

  • If you can hear me [one hand to ear], clap once. [clap hands once]
  • If you can hear me [one hand to ear], say "hey." [point with ONE hand]
  • Can you hear me [both hands to ears]? Clap twice. [clap hands twice]
  • Can you hear me [both hands to ears]? Say "okay"! [point with TWO hands, bouncing twice]
  • Can you hear me [one hand to ear]? Clap once. [clap hands once]
  • Can you hear me [both hands to ears]? Say "YAY"! [raise ONE hand like a cheer/fist pump then raise both hands and applaud].

I've used this at networking and association meetings, seminars, and even at a boisterous meeting outside. It works!

Try it and let me know how it goes for you:

Want more audience prep tips? Mark your calendar for our next webinar: How to Get the Audience to Love You (Before You Even Start Speaking) on May 19th. 

Let me know if you have questions. I am here for you!

To your prosperity & profitability,

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize
YOUR Virtual Marketing Coach
360-882-1298 📲

DIY Marketing Center · 2643 Beaver Ave PMB 338 · Des Moines IA 50310 · 360-882-1298

Members Only Weekly Review · April 30, 2022 · #591 © 2022 Veronika Noize. All rights reserved.

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Saturday, April 23 2022

Members Only Weekly Review · April 23, 2022 · #590

Figure out what to sell when you're speaking

Hey DIYer,

We talked about how to sell with integrity while speaking at Thursday's webinar. And we even included a literal template with verbiage to use in the materials!

But the one success factor that we didn't get to explore in detail is what to sell when you're speaking.

Obviously, you can sell products, services, experiences, information, packages, and so on. But what does that look like?

Want to create the most irresistible, tempting, and profitable offer possible? The right tools and info are available for you right now in the membersite.

ProTip: Don't bother rewatching the videos. Just take a look at the tools (all PDFs).

My first and best suggestion is the Lead Bait Rating Tool from the recent Lead Gen Bait webinar. This handy one-pager provides a checklist to help you figure out what your market wants. Be sure to look at the Lead Bait Ideas & Format Checklist for more ideas.

Two OTHER tools that can be helpful as you design your irresistble offers:

Let me know if you have questions. I am here for you!

To your prosperity & profitability,

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize
YOUR Virtual Marketing Coach
360-882-1298 📲

DIY Marketing Center · 2643 Beaver Ave PMB 338 · Des Moines IA 50310 · 360-882-1298

DIY Marketing Center Weekly · April 23, 2022 · #590 © 2022 Veronika Noize. All rights reserved.

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Saturday, April 16 2022

DIY Marketing Center Weekly · April 16, 2022 · #589

What to Say When You're Speaking to Sell Webinar on Thursday

Hey DIYer,

What if you could attract more business just by telling your story? When you're ready to attract (instead of chase) new clients, public speaking should be at the top of your To-Do list.

Because the right message delivered well magnetizes eager buyers.

But how can you "speak to sell" without sounding cheesy or salesy? You start with a knockout signature speech (I've got a template for you!), but that's not all you need!

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • the 8 surprising factors in speaking to sell successfully
  • the exact formula for writing a speech that sells with integrity
  • MY real-life examples; yep, actual scripts of exactly what I say!!
  • and more plus the answers to all the questions you can ask

What: What to Say When You're Speaking to Sell [Webinar]

When: Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 10 AM Pacific · 11 AM Mountain · 12 PM Central · 1 PM Eastern (US and Canada)

Where: from the comfort and convenience of your own phone or computer

How much: NO CHARGE for members; includes live participation + Q&A, video replay + transcript + handouts (some of which are posted already!!)

What you need to know about this webinar:

👉This is one of the most useful webinars I've ever created, and you definitely want to be there to take it in! And ask your questions. 🤩

👍YES, there will be a video replay. Available 24/7/365 for members ONLY.

👍 YES, the video, slides and handouts will be posted for ALL members.

👍 YES, members (YOU) may sign up for the live webinar to get the reminder. But you do not have to register to attend because the link is already available for you (see link above).

👍 YES, you may invite your friends or clients to attend this webinar as your guest (regularly $25; no charge with code: XXXXXX. Get the registration link AND code on the Member Specials page.

❌ NO, guests will not have access to the downloads and materials (even paid guests). Replays and handouts are for members only.

Got another question? Please post it in our FB group because others may have the same question. So you'll be helping others as you help yourself!

To your prosperity & profitability,

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize
YOUR Virtual Marketing Coach
📲 360-882-1298

DIY Marketing Center · 2643 Beaver Ave PMB 338 · Des Moines IA 50310 · 360-882-1298

DIY Marketing Center Weekly · April 16, 2022 · #589 © 2022 Veronika Noize. All rights reserved.

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Saturday, April 09 2022

DIY Marketing Center Weekly · April 9, 2022 · #588

My 5 Profit-Crushing Business Mistakes & How YOU Can Avoid Them!

Hey DIYer,

Everybody makes mistakes, and I've made my share. 🙄 Unfortunately, these mistakes cost me time, money, profit, and peace of mind! 

But I want better for you, so I'll share my worst mistakes (and my lessons learned) so that you can avoid making them yourself. 😊

Mistake #1: Spending more time working IN my business instead of ON my business in the early years. Generating revenue, serving clients, and managing a business is even harder without the proper tools, structures, programs, and policies in place. Layer the misguided notion that "time=money" on top of that, and I had a recipe for disaster. I was overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated! Once I adjusted my perspective to think about delivering value instead of hours, I worked less, earned more, and had happier clients.

My Power Up: Leveraging time whenever possible, such as speaking to sell one-to-many instead of one-to-one.

Mistake #2: Not having "next step" programs and packages for eager clients. In my defense, I never bought into the concept that the customer knows how much coaching they need. Because if my prospects had their way, they would get a full marketing plan, messaging package with elevator speech and tag line, plus a branding kit in a 20-minute session for $75. But that's just not how it works.

I knew that my prospects were more likely to buy and commit when they knew exactly what they were getting when they bought, so I created packages. What I didn't realize was that they needed and wanted more support than just creating the plans; they needed some sort of maintenance program. So my retention strategies kicked in later than they should, but I can say with 100% honesty that I now have clients who have been with me continuously for over 15 years!

My Power Up: Creating a membership program to deliver great service affordably.

Mistake #3: Not repeating my most successful campaigns. It would be convenient to blame this mistake on my relentless commitment to innovation, but that would be a lie. I also underestimated my clients' interest in revisiting and improving their performance in some areas. Turns out that I can innovate through repurposing and/or updating material, and/or expanding the audience. So bottom line, every success is duplicable. Just wish I'd done it sooner.

My Power Up: Scheduling my year in advance with my marketing MAP*, cross-referenced with my Monitor* (the third tool in my Profitable Marketing Machine).

Mistake #4: Abandoning ideas with great potential too soon instead of working out how to make them succeed. This is about taking the "fail faster" concept to an extreme! I've thrown a lot of stuff against the wall, so to speak, to see what works, and when something didn't work immediately, I used to just move on to the next idea. Stupid mistake. What I do now is ask myself these three questions: Does this idea merit more time, energy, resources? What did work, that I can use and/or improve? What can I do differently, knowing what I know now (after failing on my first attempt)? In other words, I focus on incremental improvements for the win!

My Power Up: Quarterly "Focus Days" to review my Monitor* for actual versus projected or desired performance.

Mistake #5: Not setting up my own Profitable Marketing Machine* earlier. As a marketing professional, I thought I knew what I was doing, and I absolutely did, when all I did was marketing. But I had no idea how much easier juggling marketing, business management, and client service delivery would be with a fully functional integrated marketing machine. I am a total evangelist for this concept now, especially because I know with 100% certainty that it really truly works. Because it provides total clarity in terms of what to do, when to do it, and how it's working. And when you see your results in numbers, you don't have to guess what to do. You simply adjust your actions until you get the results you want.

My Power Up: Creating and using my own Profitable Marketing Machine*.

*The Profitable Marketing Machine includes 3 powerful elements: The Blueprint, MAP (Massive Action Plan), and Monitor.

The ENTIRE 16-session Profitable Marketing Machine video series, plus all the tools, exercises, and examples are ready for you right now! Feel like a weekend binge? YES!

Let me know if you have questions. I am here for you!

To your prosperity & profitability,

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize
YOUR Virtual Marketing Coach
360-882-1298 📲

DIY Marketing Center · 2643 Beaver Ave PMB 338 · Des Moines IA 50310 · 360-882-1298

DIY Marketing Center Weekly · April 9, 2022 · #588 © 2022 Veronika Noize. All rights reserved.

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Saturday, April 02 2022

DIY Marketing Center Weekly · April 2, 2022 · #587

Are you freaked out about your newsletter unsubscribes?

Hey DIYer,

Recently a client came to me in tears because of the rate of unsubscribes her newsletter had that month.

"Why do they hate me?" she sobbed.

I told her to relax, and remember that most newsletter unsubscribes are NOT about her.

That's right. Very often, your newsletter unsubscribes are not about you, but about your subscriber. Let's unpack this.

Why most people unsubscribe:

1. Email overwhelm. They get too many emails from too many sources, and your email newsletter gets caught up in their purge.

2. They didn't subscribe on purpose. Maybe they didn't realize that downloading your lead bait or purchasing from you would result in a newsletter subscription. And they're just not into yet another email in their Inbox.

3. They're no longer interested in your subject matter. Could be they left that job, closed that business, or had whatever life transition happen that negated their interest in your stuff.

So much for the reasons beyond your control. Now let's talk about why those unsubs could (maybe?) be your fault:

4. They forgot they subscribed. Because they don't hear from you often enough to recognize your name or expect your emails. Oopsie! Time to stick to a regular publication schedule.

5. You send too many emails. Twice a day = too often. Unless they expect to hear from you on a daily basis, once a week to once a month is probably about right.

6. You're not delivering value. Subscribers want to know what's going on, get your advice, and so on. But relentless sales messages without offering high-value content? Not so much.

Now that we know why most folks are unsubscribing, how could that be a good thing? Good question!

  • Because unsubs peel off those who are not in your target market. Giving you a better idea of how many people (prospects?) you have on your list.
  • Because unsubs provide valuable information about the quality of your content. So you can improve it if you need to.
  • And because you can be confident that those who stay are there because they want to hear what you have to share.

Do you have more questions about marketing? Insider+Plus members, join me on Monday for the Live Marketing Q&A. Let's talk about YOUR stuff!

To your prosperity & profitability,

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize
YOUR Virtual Marketing Coach
360-882-1298 📲

DIY Marketing Center · 2643 Beaver Ave PMB 338 · Des Moines IA 50310 · 360-882-1298

DIY Marketing Center Weekly · April 2, 2022 · #587 © 2022 Veronika Noize. All rights reserved.

Posted by: Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach AT 08:00 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
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