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Ronnie's Speaking Introduction

Our speaker this morning/afternoon/evening is Ronnie Noize, known professionally as the Marketing Coach.  Ronnie is a successful business coach and marketing strategist, as well as the author of How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech, and contributing author along with Guerilla Marketing creator Jay Conrad Levinson of Marketing Strategies that Really Work from Insight Publications.


Before becoming Google's #1 Marketing Coach, (that's right; just google "marketing coach" to find her website), Ronnie was a senior marketing executive for over 10 years, and launched more than 200 consumer products, including books, CDs, toys, and games.  She created international sales and licensing programs that generated more than $650 million dollars for properties such as The X-Files, Magic the Gathering, and Star Wars.


In 2001, Ronnie appeared as "Your Marketing Coach" on a regional business television program.  The show aired on Fox Television, and is now in syndication in Israel and Taiwan.  A regular columnist for the NW Women's Journal AND a regular contributing columnist for the Vancouver Business Journal, she has also written more than 100 articles that were  published in The Home Business Journal, The CEO Refresher, and The Home Business Report, among other business and trade publications.


A tireless small business advocate, Ronnie helps small office and home-based professionals attract more clients and double their revenues.  She supplies plenty of free marketing tools and information on her web site at W W W dot Veronika with a K Noize with a Z dot com (, where you'll also find her workshops, seminars, and teleclasses. 


She says that one of the most difficult problems for new and small businesses is figuring out where, when, and how to allocate their often scarce resources of time, energy, and money so that they can meet their business development goals quickly and easily.


Today Ronnie is going to share with us some of her amazingly simple and unbelievably effective strategies for building our businesses quickly.  She shares this information with us today freely, and gladly, in the hope that it has a profound and positive effect on our businesses, because that is part of her business mission. Please join me in offering a warm welcome for today's speaker, Ronnie Noize, the marketing coach.

"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

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