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Are you shy, introverted, or sensitive?

Is it hard for you to attract new clients because most marketing is waaaay outside your comfort zone?

Yes? Well, I have some GOOD NEWS for you:

Hi, I'm Ronnie Noize, the Marketing Coach

"Finally you can STOP working against your nature, and embrace what it is that makes you special with my 8 marketing strategies that work for introverts just like us -- I guarantee it!"

Hello, Introvert (may I call you that?),

My name is Ronnie Noize, and I am an introvert. Before you snort with laughter, let me assure you that not only am I an introvert, I am also a highly sensitive person (HSP), AND I am a stutterer.

If we've met at a meeting, in one of my teleclasses, or even if the only way you know me is from this website, you may not believe that. But it is true, and even my mother, who has the highest integrity of anyone I have ever met (and I have met a LOT of people), will swear to it.

So if that is true (and it is, I'm telling you), then why haven't you noticed?

Good question (actually, exactly the question I wanted you to ask!):

You may not have noticed that I am an introvert because I use marketing strategies specifically for introverts, that play to my personal strengths, and that allow me to feel completely comfortable and confident in my marketing efforts. And guess what?

It's working out rather well. So well, as a matter of fact, that I've decided to share them with others who struggle with finding the right strategies for their sensitives natures just like I did.

I thought about writing a book, but that can only help so much. Personally, I love books, but what I really really like is working with a coach to apply the right concepts to my situation. That's why I decided to introduce this new program as a teleclass.

So here it is:

"Marketing for Introverts: Top 8 Strategies Revealed"

And it is very possibly my best teleprogram program yet. Why?

Because in this powerful all-new program, we focus on ONE THING: marketing strategies for introverts.

Granted, it will not be all things to all people, but is will do exactly what I promise, which is identify the right marketing strategies for your level of introversion, and your particular set of skills and talents.

That's right: I can show you how to use your strengths (YES!) as an introvert to attract clients that pay, stay, and refer in this 5-week teleprogram.

How does it work?

We will start by determining just how introverted you really are (no judgment, just a category), then we'll inventory your strengths before we cover the top EIGHT marketing strategies for introverts.

Now, most programs would stop right there: "You have the information, now run along and make it work for yourself."

Not me! We'll go one step further: We will identify which three of my marketing strategies for introverts are the best matches for you, so you can make your marketing relatively easy by using your unique set of strengths instead of fighting your nature.

What a relief!

But it doesn't stop there: Not by a long shot!

No, I am not going to offer you a set of Ginsu steak knives, but there is more to this program; keep reading...

We will also go over the details of each strategy so you can see how they work, and how to apply them to your practice. You'll get documentation on each strategy, including overviews, lists of tools, and more.

And to make SURE that you can use these strategies right away, you will also get examples of the materials that you can customize for your own use and start using immediately.

(I don't know about you, but I LOVE having examples to work from! It makes everything so much easier, doesn't it?)

Just imagine: In five weeks, you could have plug-and-play marketing tools ready to build your practice! How's that for a holiday miracle?

To recap, here's what you'll get in this program:

  • Your "introversion rating" and what it means to you and your marketing
  • Your core strengths identified
  • 8 killer marketing strategies for introverts, complete with detailed instructions AND examples
  • Your top 3 killer marketing strategies identified
  • Audio recordings of all five meetings
  • and more!

Is this program for you? 

==>> YES, if you feel shy, tentative about marketing, and have trouble screwing up the courage to call, talk to, or pursue prospective clients.

==>> YES, if you accept full responsibility for your strengths, satisfaction, and success.

==>> NO, if you feel comfortable cold calling, mixing and mingling with complete strangers at networking events, and would talk the hind leg off a donkey if given half a chance.

So let's take a closer look at exactly what you'll get in this powerful program:

  • An understanding of your personal style. We start by figuring out where you are on the scale of introversion vs. extroversion.

  • An inventory of your strengths (which I'm willing to bet will truly surprise you).

  • A total of 8 appropriate and effective strategies for introverts like yourself. Trying to be someone you're not in order to build your business can be very painful and, worse, ineffective. Let's focus on the good stuff, and let the rest just fade away.

  • A list of 3 recommended strategies for YOU. Even among introverts, there are differences in style and approach. Let's identify precisely which strategies work best with your personality to attract more of the right clients for YOU.

  • Complete instructions for rolling out each of these strategies. No guessing, no figuring it out on your own, because the entire strategy is written down in a step-by-step format, with detailed instructions and checklists to help keep you on track. (Yes, you MAY use the examples as templates to copy for your own personal use!)

  • Audio recordings of each of the meetings, so you can listen to the material again and again to reinforce the concepts, or just hear what you might have missed the first time.

  • Five hours of insights and guidance from Google's #1 marketing coach (me again!), a $1,500+ value

That's a pretty terrific package, wouldn't you agree? So I am not going to waste any time "selling" you on this program, because bottom line, it comes down to this:

Are you the sort of person who is willing to do what it takes (including educating yourself on your own strengths and learning powerful new strategies) to make your business a success?

Or are you the sort of person who just sits around and waits for clients to fall into your lap, and refuses to take any responsibility for your own success?

If you are the first type of person, YAY! You will love this program, and can recognize an exceptionally good deal when you see one.

If you are the second sort of person, get a clue: Just reading about how to be successful won't cut it; you have to take action to make it happen, and this is your chance to finally do something different and overcome that challenge.

Now that we've got that cleared up, and you're ready to make your decision about moving forward, here are the rest of the details:

WHAT: Marketing for Introverts: Top 8 Strategies Revealed (teleclass series)

WHEN:  Five Wednesdays: June 2, 9, 16, 23, July 7, 2010 from 9-10 a.m. Pacific

WHERE: from the comfort and convenience of your own phone, on my teleconference bridge line

HOW MUCH: Just $147 (or save $50 when you register early!)

Enroll now 
Marketing for Introverts

WHAT: Marketing for Introverts: Top 8 Strategies Revealed (teleclass series)


WHERE: from the comfort and convenience of your own phone

HOW MUCH: Just $147

"I am loving this introvert class. It's so interesting....I've heard you say most of this stuff before but maybe it is acknowledging being an introvert that makes it feel so different.  For some reason the info is going in like never before and I'M REALLY GRATEFUL!!! I'm feeling like I can make this work and I feel more hopeful and confident than ever before! So, THANK YOU; THANK  YOU!  You're the GREATEST Marketing Coach, er Guru!" ~ Kim Phipps,
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"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

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