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Who wants to be a Marketing ROCK STAR?

QuickShot Marketing Workshops
The FASTEST Way to Get Great at Marketing Your Business

Want to get good (great?) at marketing your business but don't have a lot of time to spend? The QuickShot Marketing Workshops are tailor-made for small business owners who are highly motivated to fill the gaps in their marketing systems, and want to get it done fast.

Each QuickShot Marketing Workshop is a highly focused work session on a single aspect of marketing. We drill down on the key issues of each topic, figuring out what's right for you,  comparing it to your other options, and finishing it. Fast-paced, participatory and results-oriented, these sessions whiz by, so that you'll get the information you need worked out fast. No time spent on anything other than the subject, so you choose only what you need, just when you want to work on it.

The QuickShot Marketing Workshop format is best for small business owners who need more attention in a single area of their marketing, rather than an entire soup-to-nuts marketing plan or makeover.

 QuickShot Marketing Workshop Schedule 




Workshop Title



2 - 4:30 pm

21 Ways to Show Up, Stand Out, and Blow Away Your Competition


Location: All workshops are held at the SoHo Marketing Institute, 953 Officers Row, Vancouver, WA 98661 (right next door to the office of Veronika Noize, SoHo Marketing Guru).

Parking: Lots of free parking is available! Call us if you've never been here before, or you need directions.

How to register: 4 Easy Registration Options

Download the registration form here: QuickShotWorkshop Registration Form

  1. Fax the completed registration form toll free to 866-560-1510
  2. Mail the completed registration form to SoHo Marketing Guru LLC, 951 Officers Row, Vancouver, WA 98661
  3. Call Erin at 360-882-1298 to register by phone
  4. Register online using the appropriate link below


See all 8 Reasons WHY the QuickShot Marketing Workshops are Preferred by SoHo Businesses

  1. Incredibly affordable pricing
  2. Small group format means lots of individual attention for participants
  3. Live meetings are fun and fast-paced
  4. Each workshop drills deep on a single subject
  5. Convenient time makes it easy to add to a busy schedule
  6. No long-term commitments
  7. Just what you need, when you need it
  8. Great way to meet and network with other entrepreneurs

"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

Veronika Noize LLC
The Virtual Marketing Coach

2643 Beaver Ave · PMB 338 · Des Moines IA 50310  · USA

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