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45-minute Private Coaching Session, $199

Looking for straight talk from a qualified expert who won't waste your time? Let's do this.

This 45-minute marketing coaching session happens on Zoom. That means you get both the audio AND video recordings of our time together.

Use this meeting to ask your marketing questions, get feedback on your marketing plans and initiatives, or just pick my brain. 

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Need-to-Know Info

Thinking about working with me? You've got options, all of them fun, interactive, and rewarding (we're talking "rewarding" as in "getting more clients" and "actually bringing in some revenue," in case you were wondering).

But know this: I don't tolerate whiners, wimps, and losers (as my hero Dan Kennedy used to say, "We can't fix losers") who refuse to accept responsibility for their own success. If you think that just writing a check to a marketing coach will make clients magically appear, you will be bitterly disappointed (as will I, because if that happens, that means I made a foolish decision in choosing you as a client).  If this is you, go away now. If you want to change that, here's some tough love from me.

But if the only thing between you and all the clients you want is that you're not quite sure how to leverage your resources (time, effort, money, talents, etc.) in your marketing (and NOT that you won't do the work), you are in the right place.

Here is what I know about my clients:

  • My clients are passionate about their product or service
  • My clients accept responsibility for their own success
  • My clients are willing to do the work
  • Most of my clients have a spiritual side

Here is what my clients can expect from me:

  • Direct talk, with no time-wasting chatter
  • My undivided attention and support
  • My strategic and creative resources
  • And lots more, but let's move on...

Sound good? Are we on the same page so far? Excellent! We just might get along fine.

Try before you buy!
Check out my free newsletter and on-site seminars (some free, some require minimal tuition).
Important UPDATE:  
My Services are Tax Deductible
Before you even look at what I have to offer, you should know that according to the IRS reps I spoke with yesterday, my services are tax-deductible, so in the long run, they are essentially FREE to you! Here's an article I found online that explains more, and here are links to specific IRS publications that detail where and what to deduct: Publication 970 and Publication 535.

"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

Veronika Noize LLC
The Virtual Marketing Coach

2643 Beaver Ave · PMB 338 · Des Moines IA 50310  · USA

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