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The Ultimate Networking Tool: Power Partner (Team 100) Notes 
By Veronika (Ronnie)Noize, the Marketing Coach

So you've set up your first (or fifth or tenth) Team 100 meeting, you've ordered your coffee and you've chosen your table.

Oh look, here comes the person you will be talking with today! After a nod and a smile, the small talk starts, and you wonder how you're going to segue (gracefully!) into the Team 100 interview-question mode so that you can find out all about your guest, and still have time to say a few pithy words about yourself.

You need a script.

Not the one in the article, because you've read that and you think you've got the questions firmly in mind, but now that you're nose-to-nose with an actual human, you're not sure if it will be gauche to just dive right into the questions.

Suddenly, inspiriation strikes: A PROP!

Yes, you need a prop, so you pull out your pen and look expectantly across the table but all you get in return is a louder recitation of someone's recent triumphs (you suspect it is the beloved offspring of this person, but you're not really sure since you haven't been paying attention), and you begin to wonder if you will ever make this Team 100 thing work to your advantage.

Don't worry; you will. Just get another prop.

What you need is a prop that you can actually USE in this conversation, and that is a page for taking your Team 100 notes, and you can use mine. It is fill-in-the-blank easy, and once you slap it on the table, it is obvious that you meant business when you suggested meeting for coffee to talk about your respective businesses.

And the most glorious part? If you bring an extra sheet (HIGHLY recommended), you can give a copy to that other person, which will increase the likelihood that s/he will actually listen and remember what you do (which is the point of the meeting, right?).

Bonus: You look like a super-organized, generous person for being so well prepared for your networking meeting. The other person will be impressed, and you will BOTH benefit more from your meeting than you ever imagined.

That's a big bang off a little piece of paper, pal!


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