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How to Put Up a Web Site in a Week for Under $20

Thank you so much for the great teleclass on Monday.  I now feel setting up a website is not this unknown scary monster any more. --Mari Suzuki

I really enjoyed Monday's teleclass. You do such a fantastic job and really dish out helpful information. --Katrina Smith

I am so excited to start building my own webpage...I thank you so much you are so wonderful! I have great ideas now for my website from you. You ROCK!!! --Kathleen Wilson

How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech

I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your Elevator Speech teleclass.  The thought of a 90-minute telephone call made me apprehensive but I have to tell you that when the session began winding down it felt like we had only just started.  Great job.  I learned a lot. Thanks. --Frank, Director, Branch Development

Your teleclass was a real eye-opener for me...I got to try out [my new elevator speech] right away last evening. What a difference! The first thing someone said was "You must really love what you do; you radiate when you say that!" Thanks! You're terrific! --Kas

Wow! Your class was great! No, I take that back--it was awesome! --Jenna

I really enjoyed your teleclass yesterday. Very polished and professional; you've done this before. --Murray

Thank you very much for the teleclass and your supportive, warm approach. The class was very useful and has set me thinking about who my clients are and what the benefits of hiring me are. I see how unfocussed I've been and that I need to work smarter not harder! --Maria

Ronnie, thanks so much for educating me about elevator speeches at your teleclass and information from your website. I went to your articles page and copied all your articles (with copyright information intact) into Word documents for my personal knowledge and information. It is very nice of you to authorize our passing on this information on to others should I come across a person who needs the information and/or your services in the future. --Lynda

Thank you very much for the information teleclass you offered on creating a killer elevator speech. I appreciate your useful tips, both on the call and on your web site. --Judy

I attended Ronnie's "Killer Elevator Speech teleclass".  What she gave in this class was very impressive.  She is clear, using words that paint pictures, making it easy for people to understand and follow her.  This class was not a marketing gimmick; the tips were practical and very useful.  Veronika is funny, lively, magnetic, inspiring and personable.  She and her class were a delight!    --Kim, business consultant, The Joyan Group

Attract More Clients with the Three Magic Bullets of Marketing

Thank you for a very informative teleclass. You put everything into such concise little nuggets that it's easy to remember. I'm going to put the 3 bullets and 3 phases up on my wall, so that I'm constantly reminded to do all of them. --Maggie

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class and also admired your smooth delivery during the most difficult teleclass I've ever attended. Between the poor quality of the connection, the large number of people attending and their range of knowledge about the topic, I think you were totally gracious, in command of the situation and very thorough in your delivery. My hat is off to you. --Adele

Thank you for today's teleclass! You are terrific! I took away a LOT of valuable points. --Jan

That was the first teleclass I'd ever attended and I have to say I enjoyed it...I already knew the 3 phases of marketing, but I've always had trouble articulating it in a nutshell. The 3 "magic bullets" pull it all together and make it so much easier to manage. Thank you again for the opportunity to better myself. --Lisa, marketing manager

Thank you for an amazing teleclass on the Three Magic Bullets of Marketing. Your sincerity and passion was so evident. --Barbara

"I help small businesses attract more clients."
~Veronika Noize, the Virtual Marketing Coach

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