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Why I Talk Too Much

By Jim Lorentzen


I talk too much because:

1.      I long for acceptance and approval. I need to impress.

2.      I get anxious, nervous, insecure, fearful, or impatient.

3.      I like the sound of my own voice. I'm self-absorbed.

4.      I lack preparation. I lack organization.

5.      I'm afraid if I talk too little, I will lose the sale.

6.      I want to avoid silence.

7.      I place too much emphasis on product rather than customer.

8.      I think I already know what they want or what I want to sell.

9.      I want to show my competence.

10.  I want to get my point across.

11.  I have too many words in my script.

12.  I want to make sure all points in my presentation are covered.

13.  I want to feel more productive.

14.  I want to address objections I'm afraid will come up.

15.  I get off on a tangent.

16.  I want to be understood.

17.  I want to warm up the customer.

18.  I want to increase call time (amount of minutes on the phone).

19.  I feel strongly about the topic being discussed.

20.  I am confused.

21.  I don't ask the right questions or enough questions.

22.  I want to avoid coming across as ignorant.

23.  I need to release tension.

24.  I am opinionated.

25.  I want to feel in control.

26.  I want to buy time when I'm caught off guard.

27.  I feel more important when I'm talking.

28.  I am frustrated.

29.  I get overjoyed, overly enthusiastic.


Print out this list, and highlight any sentences that apply to you at this time. Write a new sentence that is the opposite of the sentence you highlighted, and put it on a 3x5 card to review often. Awareness of your foibles and repetition of the feeling you'd rather experience are the keys. Repeat this process every few months for maximum benefit.


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This article is excerpted from the Soft Selling sales training program manual, and is reprinted by permission of the author, Jim Lorentzen. After a very successful 20+year career in sales and sales management, Jim Lorentzen created the Soft Selling sales training program in 1983. Classes have been running continuously ever since in the Portland, Oregon area. Graduates of Jim's Soft Selling sales training programs say that they make more sales and sell more successfully because they now can sell professionally with dignity and pride. Jim is also the publisher of the weekly ezine Zen Notes. For more information, email Jim at



Why I Talk Too Much Copyright 1997-2006 Jim Lorentzen.  All rights reserved.

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