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Why Your Business Needs a Web Site
By Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, the Marketing Coach

No matter how small your business is, you need a web site.

Let's face it, these days you're just not in business unless you have a web site. I mean, seriously, what is the first thing you do when you're looking for information about a person or a business? You go online, and you look for a web site.

If your business isn't there when your prospects are looking for you, you're invisible to all intents and purposes (unless you have killer word of mouth, and even then, you need a web site to take advantage of the buzz).

And no matter what you may have heard to the contrary, a web site is not just an electronic brochure (at least, not if it's any good). Think of it this way:

How would you like to have a sales and customer service representative for your business:

  • Who never got tired and cranky and snapped at your clients?
  • Who never gave less than 100% in every client interaction?
  • Who never ever called in sick, took a vacation (or any time off at all), but was always on time, fresh, eager, and delighted to work for you?
  • Who never left your company for a better commission structure at one of your competitors?
  • Who was happy being paid just pennies a day?
  • Who never said or did anything that you didn't first personally approve?
  • Who represented you exactly as you asked, the first time, the fiftieth time, and the millionth time, with the same enthusiasm, clear message, and helpful demeanor in each and every interaction?

Your web site can be that sort of representative for your business. Or perhaps a robot could, but now we're talking crazy.

And speaking of crazy, keep in mind that if your competitors have web sites and you don't, they are positioned to close the business that could have been yours. That's really crazy!

In short, there are three good reasons for you to have a web site:
1. Your web site will help you to attract prospects.
2. Your web site will help you to sell your products and/or services.
3. Your web site will help you to keep your clients.

How does your web site attract prospects?

Two words: Sticky content.

Sticky content is information (web site content) that makes people stick around and return for more. Examples are how-to articles, tips and tricks, beginner's guides, and any other free information that your clients and prospective clients would find of value.

Keep in mind that the more content you have, the stickier your site is. Sticky is good for at least three reasons: It gives your visitors a reason to come back again and again; it gives your visitors a reason to tell others about your site; and it demonstrates your expertise for people who are interested in your services.

With good content, you will be able to gather leads, acquire names for your mailing list, as well as offer good reasons for your visitors to tell their friends and colleagues about you.

How does your web site sell for you? 

Quickly, easily, and inexpensively is how!

With a web site, you can present buckets of persuasive copy, testimonials, and special offers to tempt your visitors to buy from you. As long as you can articulate a problem that your visitors are facing, and follow it up with your solution, you can sell on your web site. And the best part is that you can tinker as much as you need to with the copy; since you're not printing it, adjustments such as corrections, updates, and other changes can be done instantly and without costing you a bundle.

How does your web site keep your clients?

Almost effortlessly!

Your web site is the perfect place to share information and tools that your clients need in order to be successful in working with you. Newsletters, product and service updates, as well as many customer service functions, and more can be shared with your clients via your web site, freeing up your time to focus on solving problems, rather than managing processes.

Think a web site is a good idea but not one you can afford?

If you think it is too expensive or that technology is too overwhelming for you to have a web site, here's good news: It ain't.

I put up my web site in four days for under $20, and I don't know diddly about programming, coding, or any other technical mysteries. So the best news is that you can do this, too.

No longer is the lack of money, time, or skills to erect a web site an issue, especially if you do it the smart way (like I did!). You can put up your web site quickly, easily, and inexpensively by using a template-based web host. Some that I have used and can recommend include QuickBizSites, Go Daddy, Network Solutions, My Instant Web Site or CityMax.

Using a template is as easy as writing a letter on your computer (and that's EASY!). Can you do that? Can you open, write, and send an email? Can you attach a file to an email? If so, then you can easily master web templates (no kidding!).

And if you're wondering what good a $20 web site is, you tell me. You're looking at one right now.

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About the author
Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, the Marketing Coach, is a successful Vancouver, WA-based entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach who helps small businesses attract more clients and double their business in just 30 minutes a day. Ronnie's web site is a comprehensive resource with free articles and valuable marketing tools for small office/home office business professionals. Visit her web site at, or call her at 360-882-1298.

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